Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Getting ready for beta - tagging and branching CVS

Please, let's not move OACS away from CVS unless the benefits are truly substantial.  I'm no CVS expert, but I know it well enough to
(usually) get it to do what I need from it.  And, as others have said, if a change of version control software really is going to be worthwhile, then let's at least make sure the new one is free software, as free as OACS itself.  Otherwise the version control software could easily become a barrier to entry for OACS developers.

BTW, there seem to be quite a lot of small (tiny!) changes on the untagged development branch compared to the tagged oacs-4-5 code.  Already!  About 78 files across 14 packages are affected, based on a cvs diff command I executed this morning.  Am I just overly suspicious, or are all of these really things which are sufficiently
dangerous that they need to be left out of the first beta release?

Last but not least: get well soon, Don!