Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Re: navigation changes in dotLRN: RFC

Posted by Jeremy Monnet on
It is nearly ready, but you may understand that I made some ugly hacks to do it ...

So for the time being, I just moved the tabs to the submenu, and I make a few static links in replacement for the tabs. The fact is (what I already explained) I need to link a page, to support a portlet (tell me if I'm wrong), and I can't create a portal above the portals ...

So I'm asking once again if someone would have the brilliant idea to generate in a clean way the future tabs ?

I had a look at the callbacks, but if I understand, this is for register an application into another (or kinda : if I do something in an application, that should do something else in other at the same time) ?

I will add tomorrow (Australian time) some screenshots and codes for you to see where I am and what I have done, and to give me your opinions on how I should do it better.