Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Is someone interested in the ACS 4.x Java Chat Module for openacs 3.2.x?

Tom, how hard would it be to tie the Jabber component into
acs-messaging (or is it acs-mail)? The most obvious and
immediate application for Jabber-in-OpenACS beyond IM and
chat is to use the Jabber conduits to route email alerts to
alternate delivery vehicles (IM, SMS, etc.). I'm imagining a simple
UI for end users that allows them to enter their various alert
"targets" (including alternate email addresses) and allows them
to designate which of those targets should receive particular

This could be scoped per instance per package, so that, for
example, I can get pager alerts from my tech support bboard but
not from my app design bboard. Certain apps might conceivably
even want finer scoping than this. For example, I might want
ticket-tracker to give me pager alerts for new bugs assigned to
me but not for messages letting me know that particular bugs
have been closed.

On the other hand, the list of conduits available to the user (from
which these preference dialogs would be drawn) should be
scoped to the user, i.e., I shouldn't have to re-enter my email
addresses, pager numbers, etc., for every scoped application.