Forum OpenACS Development: Resources found (was Response to Software Development (Bugs, QA, etc) and OACS)

Because of some rather pressing needs Musea has for a couple of client projects, we're going to support the initial development cycle for an SDM in OACS4. Lars will be doing the development before he starts a consulting gig for us, so it's going to be good.

Here's what Lars will be doing initially:

I'll aim for something that I can make usable in the real world within 7-10 work days, with a road-map for how it will/could develop over time.

That'll enable me to switch to working on XXX, and it'll enable us to start using it immediately on XXX and other projects, and gain some real-world experience.

I'll spec it out tomorrow, but I don't want to do things quick-and-dirty, meaning I don't want to make something that we'd immediately want to throw out. I do want to do something that can be implemented rapidly, and that we can then incrementally add features to and refactor as we need to.

The spec will be posted, of course, and will be developed with feedback. Because the dev cycle will be tight and it's going to be address some of our direct needs (like design cycles, client support, etc), the development might not be totally open. But it will provide a great starting point for continued development.

But if you have ideas for the SDM, please post them now!!! It will really help to have as many ideas in here as possible.