Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ORACLE occasional stream_write_lob error when downloading files

Well, actually we have followed the problem close, we found that it happens mostly when you are uploading a file to the system, even if you are working with a machine that has aolserver, aces, and oracle in the same box.
It shouldn't matter if AOLServer and Oracle are on the same box or are separated by 3 continents, as long as they communicate via OCI you should experience the problem.
Now my question will go in this way, if I want not to upgrade oracle, I would like to install it again, but oracle 8.1.7 this time, what should I do? and if I dump the DB that is in 8.1.6, will it work in 8.1.7?
If installing on the same machine, install 8.1.7 under another Oracle home (or under another account if you like), then use exp from the 8.1.6 instance and imp on the 8.1.7 instance. This SHOULD work, but absolutely test everything on a staging machine before doing anything on your production configuration.