Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to OpenACS 4.5 Beta1 is available

Posted by Don Baccus on
C.R. - yes, changes to 4.5 should include upgrade scripts from now on...

Lars Pind found an error in a patch submitted by Tilmann Singer (I only mention his name because Tilmann's so reliable that it only seems right to announce this evidence of his being capable of human error!) and I'll replace the tarball again later today.  It's not a problem that most folks would notice as it's in the APM and won't crop up if you've downloaded our entire tarball and install from it.

But I'm going to update it anyway.  If things look good after some preliminary testing by Simon I'll probably roll a quick "beta-2" with a few more bug patches as folks are still submitting them (thanks, everyone!) and then work towards a final release a week or two after that.

How does that sound to folks?