Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Software Development (Bugs, QA, etc) and OACS

Hey Lars,

Here's another scenario:

I'm in charge of verifying that bugs marked as "fixed" are, in fact,
fixed before they're closed out.

And a random thought:

One of the things I like about is that it's pretty
configurable. Here are some things I can configure:

- I can define my own roles

- I can set priviliges (view, read, and write) on pretty much every

- I can also set fields as required or optional (with contingincies
in case the person viewing does not have write privileges) and
set defaults on some fields.

- For fields like "severity" and "when this will be fixed," I can
define the choices in the pull-down menu.

In my book, having flexibility, i.e. --the ability to shut a field off or
change the range of choices-- is often more important than
having a huge number of fields. The system should allow you to
make your workflow as streamlined and simple as possible
given the needs of a particular team/project.