Forum OpenACS Development: Error in Aolserver 4.5 Shell Script Installer


I found 2 errors in a Aolserver 4.5 shell script installer ( and I fixed it.

The first error is in line that install ns_cache. You need to change this line:

cd ../nscache

to this:

cd nscache

And the second error is in the name of variable $v_deamon. In the start of script, the variable is initialized with the name v_daemon (the correct name) and in the script lines, the variable $v_deamon is called. So, you need to change this lines:

echo "------------------------ Installing Deamontools ------------------------"

mkdir -p /package
chmod 1755 /package
cd /package
tar xvfz daemontools-${v_deamon}.tar.gz
cd admin/daemontools-${v_deamon}
patch -Np1 -i ../../daemontools-${v_deamon}.errno.patch

To this:

echo "------------------------ Installing Deamontools ------------------------"

mkdir -p /package
chmod 1755 /package
cd /package
tar xvfz daemontools-${v_daemon}.tar.gz
cd admin/daemontools-${v_daemon}
patch -Np1 -i ../../daemontools-${v_daemon}.errno.patch

Note I changed only the name of the variable, from $v_deamon to $v_daemon.

I think this script is the most easy and stable way to install AOLSERVER.

Alessandro Landim

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
notice, if you are using aolserver 4.5.1, you don't need the nscache module at all, since ns_cache is built in (in 4.5.0 it is as well built in, but broken).