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Dear all,
I've just compiled version 1.19 (11th of November 2009) of Win32-OpenACS: an actual native Win32 port (no Cygwin, no VMware) of OpenACS.

This version contains:
1. aolserver-4.5.1 – including
1.1. nssha1
1.2. nspostgres 4.1
1.3. nsoracle 2.8a1
2. tcl-8.5.7
3. tk-8.5.7
4. tDom-0.8.2
5. xotcl-1.6.3
6. thread-2.6.5
7. tcllib-1.11.1
8. postgresql-8.2.11-1
9. openssl-0.9.8.k
10. openacs-5.5.1
11. xowiki-0.112
12. dotlrn-2.5.1
13. External binaries:
a. wget –
b. convert, cp, cvs, diff, ftp, gzip, iconv, ln, ls, mkdir, mv, pdftk, ps, rm, rmdir, sh, shutdown, tar –
c. htmldoc –
d. trml2pdf –

Since version 3.4, ]project-open[ uses Win32-OpenACS technology for its Windows production quality distributions.

This version of Win32-OpenACS has nothing new in terms of contents, but thanks to the work performed for ]project-open[, is a major improvement in terms of the installer and the provided infrastructure. In particular:

1. The port installs and works on the following Windows Platoforms: XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003 and Server 2008.
For each one of these platforms the port works on both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

2. The system can be installed on any disk.

3. The services PostgreSQL, OpenACS and .LRN start now automatically and in the proper sequence.

4. Support for services auto-restart has been provided.

The port can be obtained at the following URL:

Hi Maurizio,

The uninstall/install process is very clean. I appreciate the new SQL output window.

Would it be safe to overwrite the openacs folder with the latest HEAD revision and upgrade, to facilitate development on the HEAD branch from Windows?


Dear Ryan,
The only thing you need to do is to check the changes I made in the config.tcl file and repeat those changes in the version you are using (HEAD).

Hope this helps,