Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Is someone interested in the ACS 4.x Java Chat Module for openacs 3.2.x?

Hmm... Seems like I forgot to add the parameters to /web/[myserver]/parameters/[myserver].tcl. Done. Still... the same error.

Things are more difficult as I am using Jerry Asher's nsunix modules... This will forward to unix://myserver.nsunix


ns_section  ns/server/master/module/nsvhr/maps
ns_param    unix://myserver.nsunix
ns_param    unix://myserver.nsunix

I have not specified any ports (and still normal http works):


#set httpport              80

Would it be possible to use the chatserver on port 80 together with http? Or should I make a new nsunix socketfile? Dunno. Well, I'll try things out.