Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: navigation changes in dotLRN: RFC

Posted by Andrew Grumet on
Hey, sorry if that undid your work, I was trying to make sense of the changes and it just seemed broken. I don't care too much about the details at this point, Jeremy should weigh in, but for what it's worth I'll list a few of the things I was trying to fix. If your revised code takes them into account, that'll be fine w/me.

There was stray whitespace in selva-procs.tcl that made it hard to diff against the analogous code in dotlrn (from navigation-procs.tcl). The tarball version didn't have this problem.

The tabs contained lookups on missing message catalog entries. The tarball version was okay.

The logo was missing. You didn't say that you'd removed it so I thought it was a bug. Perhaps the logo should be optional, subject to a parameter, and the path to the logo should be a parameter too.

The "Contacts" tab was showing even though I don't have that package installed.