Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Compiling Aolserver on x86_64

Posted by Michael Steigman on
OK, that did the trick. I was able to compile. Then I ran into the 64-bit problem - Aolserver would not start up. I went back through the aolserver chat logs and was able to find the following:

IRC [11:45] <Dossy> one liner
IRC [11:45] <Dossy> /*
IRC [11:45] &lt;Dossy&gt; if (sizeof(int) < sizeof(long)) {
IRC [11:45] &lt;Dossy&gt; Tcl_Panic("NsTclInitObjs: sizeof(int) < sizeof(long)");
IRC [11:45] &lt;Dossy&gt; }
IRC [11:45] &lt;Dossy&gt; */
IRC [11:45] &lt;Dossy&gt; there.
IRC [11:45] &lt;Dossy&gt; sorry, 3 lines - comment 'em out
IRC [11:45] &lt;Dossy&gt; in nsd/tclobj.c
IRC [11:45] &lt;Dossy&gt; on LP64, sizeof(int) != sizeof(long)
IRC [11:46] &lt;Dossy&gt; but that's "okay" as long as your code is 64-bit clean, which I *believe* tcl and stock AOLserver is
IRC [11:46] &lt;Dossy&gt; add-on modules may NOT be - BEWARE.

After making that change, I was able to compile and am now up and running. I think 4.0.11, when released, will work without the patch.

Thanks, guys.