Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Is OpenACS-4 the Answer for my Project?

Posted by Gilbert Price on
Simon, thanks for you perspective. Since I really have no experience with OpenACS/ACS 4, I guess I'll start installing it to an ole HP Netserver LX next week and get a feel for it.

Maybe put up an alternative architecture and solicit comments from the prospective Admins in the other offices.

My fear is once deployed, changing the expedient package to the superior package may be hard once I'm successful in getting the overall skill level up and instill some confidence in the Admins who have had nothing more to worry about than a Windows 2k file/print server and alot of workstations. (Wow, what a run-on sentence. Well, I never professed to being an English major!)

If anyone is interested in following this project, I've started a web page and will be posting all developments to This is my OpenACS 3.5 on a cable modem I run from home.

Thanks for the input Simon,