Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Question about full-screen xowiki rendering and [[en:CSS]]

if you specify master=0, then the master templates are not used, which are normally responsible for the output of the HTML head (and other things). So, by deactivating the master, the page has to return a FULL HTML document. The problem is not that the css file is not parsed/found or whatever, but that the header information is omitted. To get a better understanding, look for header_stuff in xowiki-www-procs.tcl.

there is no easy way to get a "full-screen mode" in the general case. One has either to modify the master templates of openacs (e.g. conditionally switching the master templates) or one has to modify the method view to return optionally a full HTML document, containing the header stuff and the page content.


Thank you for the reply. I understand the problem.

I think for the time being, for this application, I will simply specify a static css file in the doc <head> for my full-screen display.

From a more general point of view, it would seem to make a lot of sense to implement your second idea as an option in xowiki such that the view method, when it receives a magic invokation such as {{full_screen_display=true}}, switches off the master template but outputs a document <head> that includes the css reference.

If I find time to do that I will post the code back for your consideration.