Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Re: Re: New package Selva

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
It was clearly stated that the package was put into CVS ( All communication what has happened has been done through this forum posting. So I'd not say we did not communicate.

Reason for me to do the things are plain and simple: Client needs. Your design was the best thing around for the client, so we took it and improved it everywhere. But instead of forking we tried to bring everything back.

Posted by Jeremy Monnet on
When I said there was a lack a communication, it was regarding to the fact that you need to re-commit the code because where are now 3 wotking at the same time on the very same files. I have seen nowhere a posting "stop working guys ! I'm doing some stuff on file.tcl, file.xql and", which is what I'm used to in every others communities ... :-( I assume you have a different way of communicating, but as long as you need to commit the same code several times, I also assume you can improve this way ...

Anyway, I would like to stop trolling now (and stop sarcasm by the way ;-) ) and concentrate on technical issues, if you don't mind ?