Forum OpenACS Q&A: Making user registration require admin approval

I set the optional parameter in OpenACS 4 to require new user
registrations to be approved by the system administrator.
I do get email when a new user registers, however, I cannot find any
web page in the admin tree that lets me as administrator get
a list of pending user registrations and approve or deny them. Does
anyone know if
this page exists in OpenACS4, and if so, why there's no
link to it anywhere?


Posted by russ m on
You can change user state in the individual user admin pages

I haven't seen a "show me the users pending approval" page,
but you can easily do a search in the user admin section for
people who registered within the last couple of days, or who
have never logged in... but yes, a "who needs to be approved"
page would be usefull...

Posted by Luke Pond on
I was complaining about this in SDM #1393 and #1412 last's how to fix the bug that's keeping you from seeing the users who need admin approval:

"In acs-admin/users/complex-search.adp, the option to show or hide non-authorized users should always be displayed. Currently the option is hidden if there are fewer than 30 users. This makes no sense and is really confusing when you're trying to figure out how to approve users. "

Hm, my old ACS 4.2 site has that. Ah, I added it - it shouldn't be hard. To get a list of all users needing approval on my (non-public) site, I hit this URL:

I'll go over to SDM ticket 1412 and upload a patch now.