Forum OpenACS Q&A: Click and Accept What?

Posted by Adam Gatt on
I apologise if this post is off topic but I think it will be of
interest to OpenACS community members. In this, and perhaps other
regards, it may push the boundaries of this community's rules and
therefore I would ask that the administrators and moderators allow
this in the interest of all visitors and members.

Yes, usage of the Internet is expanding exponentially and there can
be little doubt that the Web is changing virtually every aspect of
our lives! However from previous research it is clear that there are
many that are not aware of some of the dangers while surfing the

I agree that web masters/mistresses need to protect their assets,
and on-line agreements may be the best way to do this. I also
believe in laws protecting copyright. However, I do not agree with
exploiting a user’s Internet connection without the user’s knowledge
or explicit permission while that person is using or surfing the
Net. Can this really happen you? Yes it can.

I have setup a website to determine the awareness, understanding and
attitude of consumers to on-line agreements and secondly, to make
them aware that in some cases, there can be more than what one
thinks within these now ubiquitous agreements! Cookies are one thing
but lurking executable files downloaded onto a consumer's PC and
secretly transmitting information back to the software owner so that
they learn more about consumer tastes and preferences without that
consumer's knowledge is another!

Visit my site at: and self
assess your own awareness of some of the critical issues surrounding
the use of on-line agreements. Then please do pass this message on
to your friends and associates. By participating you and your
friends will become much more aware of some of the issues regarding
on-line agreements and also by doing so you will help me in
gathering empirical data on this topic. Legislators may well be
interested in the final results.
Adam Gatt

Posted by Jonathan Ellis on
good thing openacs lets admins delete threads with a single click. :0