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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
yep, i will check whats needed for a TIP.

The notes tutorial is fairly simple, so by taking a
conservative approach, the difference is very little.
For an xotcl version, see:

Only the tcl/*-procs file, www/note-*.tcl and tcl/test/*tcl
changed relative to the origianl. The expamples does
not use classes, but simply an object similar to a
namespace. on larger and more complex cases, one can
certainly benefit more from oo.

concerning RDF: our RDF-implementation is quite good
for small to medium applications. we did some benchmarks
some days ago, the performance was better than most other
RDF-packages. For larger apps, redland has it advantages,
since it constists of well desigend c code. Uwe developed
an xotcl linkage to Redland (based on some older versions).
it should be ready in the not to far future....

all the best