Forum OpenACS Q&A: Truly deleting files in new-file-storage?

In new-file-storage, when you delete a folder or file, it just updates
deleted_p to "t". But as far as I can see from grep-ing through all
the source code, I don't see any procs that actually 'rm' the files
from the file system. I seemed to remember someone mentioning some
"zombie sweep" proc in a thread here, but I can't find it now via the
bboard search.

Is there such a proc in 3.2.5? If not, is there such a proc in 4.x
that I could port back to 3.2.5? If not, can someone explain why it's
not a good idea to wipe files that users have decided to delete? Seems
that to reduce the size of backups alone would be a compelling reason.
Am I missing something here? TIA.

Posted by Don Baccus on
There is a sweeper in OpenACS 4, you'll find it buried in the file storage datamodel (check the .sql files in sql/postgresql).
Posted by Stan Kaufman on
Thanks, Don. I'll have a look and post a 3.2.5 back-port here when I get it worked out.