Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Re: navigation changes in dotLRN: RFC

Posted by Jeremy Monnet on
I18N : Ok, I understand you ! Yes, you're right, that's why I thought we should provide an interface for people to add tabs. This mechanism would take care of adding the correct string where it should (in this event, it would be to add a line in the catalog xml file. I agree it may not be the best solution, but that's the best I have for now). My work is not to make the .LRN more beautiful (even if this is part of it) but to make the .LRN attractive to new comers : easy and beautiful. I know Rafael would like this theme (it goes further than just a theme, but this is the codename for now) for the next stable release, which will probably run OACS 5.1. If you can convince the consortium to move on the current 5.2 OACS release, that will be just fine for me :-)

Blank-master : My only problem is that it uses lots of css (4 if I well remember) which will be confusing in the pure theming part ... Do you know who I should talk to, in order to find an agrement to remove the unused css (3 on 4) from this template ?

Jeremy (who will start a new thread tomorrow from the office)