Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ANN: dotLRN CVS Access Now Available

Posted by Andrew Grumet on
Had better luck after taking the following steps:
  1. In dotlrn-create.sql, move @dotlrn-communities-package-create.sql up several lines so that it comes right after @dotlrn-communities-create.sql
  2. The previous almost works by itself. One glitch is that the dotlrn_community package still relies on a view that doesn't get defined until later. I did this
    SQL> alter package dotlrn_community compile;
    Package altered.
    which I think solved the problem. These dependencies could be more clearly ironed out but I'll leave that as an excercise for the student.
I have a lot more functionality to look at now.

Anyone else trying this: you need to get a working ACS installed before installing the dotLRN packages. For error recovery, you can save yourself some hassle by creating an export dmp file after all the needed non-dotLRN packages are installed (caveat: due to some Oracle voodoo I never quite understood, imp'ing ACS4 views tends to be messy, though easily fixed by re-defining the failed views). Finally, note from the dotLRN instructions that you have to restart the server twice, once immediately after the dotLRN packages have been installed, and a second time immediately after mounting dotLRN into the site map. Kinda brings back memories of Win98, don't it ;).