Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ANN: dotLRN CVS Access Now Available

Posted by Michael Feldstein on
OK, we've been able to do the following:

- Create a department
- Create a subject
- Create a term
- Create a class
- Create a community

The trouble is that when I go into the class or community, there's
nothing there. I don't get error messages; you just get blank
pages. Basically, within a class I get a row of links for "Class
Home," "Calendar," "File Storage," "Survey," and "Control Panel."
Then right below that I get an identical row of links. These are
basically the same regardless of which link I follow. When I go to
the admin page for the portals, there are no portlets to add. So it
looks like dotLRN doesn't know that the portlets are there.