Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Turning off QD Logging

Posted by Arjun Sanyal on
Hmm. I'm at a loss. Check again that you have "ns_param debug 0" in the "ns_section ns/parameters" section.

I've been messing around with the QD's debug messages on
my dev server. I think there's a need for some action here since when debug is on the verbosity of the QD slows everything down to a crawl, but when debug is off all the SQL is still output to the log, but without the context of the fullname of the query e.g.


... which tells you if the query was in a tcl library or a www page, what proc or file it was in, and, of course the name of the query.

without out this context, one sometimes has to go 'hither and yon' hunting for the query...

I'll venture to suggest 3 logging states: 1) log only warnings or higher for (near-)production sites 2) SQL + bind vars + context for normal development and 3) 2 + more stuff, but not all of the QD stuff, for when things get truly pear-shaped.

What do people think?