Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ANN: dotLRN CVS Access Now Available

Posted by Tilmann Singer on
After updating dotlrn packages to the latest CVS versions they installed without errors, but I am seeing the same situation as Michael - a more or less empty community page that only contains two rows of links. Michael - did you find the reason for this?

I suspect that maybe I did not properly update all acs-core files to their newest versions. Now I am somehow reluctant to reinstall oracle oacs from scratch again - since my development machine crawls when it has to run oracle and I only wanted to take a look at the current functionality of dotlrn ... asking for a publicly available demo installation is propably a bit early, but I guess I'll ask anyway - does anybody have a successful dotlrn installation online? It'd be great for those of us that just want an initial glimpse of what dotlrn is going to be ...