Forum OpenACS Q&A: Webserver problem on redhat7.2

Posted by Vince T on

i'm doing a by the book install of oacs4-5 on a redhat 7.2 system.
i've installed it and have been working on it successfully on a
similar system. the setup seems fine and i can connect to the
aolserver and acs by #lynx localhost. but i cant connect to it
remotely (or locally for that matter) by using the ipaddress (lynx

ive been looking at my network settings and things seem fine. ive
even installed apache and got that working w/out problems. logs dont
show any errors (as i said, i can reach oacs by "#lynx localhost")
any help would be appreciated. thanks.

Posted by Vince T on
hardcoding the "set address [ns_info address]" line in the config.tcl file seemed to do the trick. i didn't have to do that on my last install though, any ideas where in the os i have to set this?

anyway, thanks...

Posted by Nathan Reeves on
From memory, check to see if you have an entry in your /etc/hosts file that actually has your ip address (209.25..) and the correct hostname.  Redhat 7.2 Seems to only add a localhost entry to the hosts file and not a proper IP Address / hostname entry.

One that also threw me was the firewall setup in RH7.2 (which set a FW up even though I selected not to run one).  The lokkit app also doesn't seem to properly change the FW settings (make a change, exit and then go back in and the settings are the same as they were before the prior change).

Posted by Henry Minsky on
Yeah, the default firewall rules in redhat 7.2 will block
everything by default.  ipchains or iptables will block incoming TCP on port 80.
Look in /etc/sysconfig/ipchains and add an entry
for whatever port and address you are using for your web server.
Posted by Jade Rubick on
You might also put a link to this thread on the bottom of the
install docs as a "comment" for future visitors...
Posted by Vince T on
thanks, i believe it was aolserver binding to only the address manually setting "set address [ns_info address]" did the trick. i opened the port up through lokkit earlier so that wasn't the problem (could reach an apache install).

anyway, this works for now. thanks.