Forum OpenACS Q&A: workflow and ticket-tracker

Posted by Vince T on

i've been working on a site with a two-fold function (for now):
service orders and a trouble ticket system. this is for operations of
a data center i work for. the oacs really gives me a head start on
things, specifically ticket-tracker and workflow which is what i'm
using for both functions.

anyway, i just wanted to ask anyone if there was any further
documentation regarding these two modules and their inter-
relationship. perhaps some case studies? i just don't want to work on
anything that might have already been covered elsewhere.

also, is there any info on anyone building a customer care package
similar to the ticket/workflow environment? basically i need to
incorporate customer information with historical data garnered from
the service order and trouble ticket systems.

this is not really a specific question, but rather a shout out to
anyone who might have done similar projects and has some insight. i'm
still digging through the archives of forums for some scraps :).

i know im new in the community, but i would like to suggest case
studies or examples on the site, maybe even a tips/tricks page. i
think it would really help programmers new to the environment like
myself acclimatize to the system. there are are just so many features
that it can be overwhelming at times.

anyway, it's a great product.

regards, vincent

Posted by Jun Yamog on
Hi Vincent,

If you don't need the flexibility of a dynamic workflow you may want to look at ticket tracker lite.  Its less complex than ticket tracker.  I recently decided to drop ticket tracker in favor of ticket tracker lite on 2 our projects.  I am happy with my decision.  I also have given Vinod K some of my ticket tracker lite codes hopefully it gets commited to the CVS.

Posted by Andrei Popov on
The only (sort of) issue there is with the lite alternative is that it does not use groups for assignment (or at least user addition).  As a result you actually have to add every single user manually, if you need to allow him/her to use tt-lite.