Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to nsthread failing - aolserver wont start

Posted by Marc Fournier on
Further to this ... the tail end of server.log shows:

[06/Apr/2002:19:36:37][7562.139301888][-sched:52-] Notice: Querying 'end transaction;'
[06/Apr/2002:19:36:37][7562.139301888][-sched:52-] Notice: Ns_PgExec: Committing transaction
[06/Apr/2002:19:36:37][7562.139301888][-sched:52-] Notice: dbinit: sql( 'end transaction'
[06/Apr/2002:19:36:37][7562.135589888][-sched-] Notice: Done running scheduled proc ug_init_serve_group_pages.
nsthread(7562) error: pthread_cond_timedwait failed in Ns_CondTimedWait: Invalid argument

I've moved /usr/local/aolserver out of the way and re-built/installed it, as well as pgdriver ...

software is aolserver 3.4.2, pgdriver 2.0 and pgsql 7.2 ...

neat thing is, looking through the code for aolserver, I can't even find an 'Ns_CondTimedWait' function, altho I can find its prototype in one of the .h files ...