Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Scaling, Redundancy, Multiple Machines...

Posted by Jonathan Ellis on
Does a 2-cpu box work just like a 1-cpu box, only faster or are their other benefits that linux and processes can use such as specifying cpu-1 for process x and cpu-2 for process y? And does this work with postgresql or aolserver or postfix?

no, 2 cpus is not the same as 1 faster cpu. yes, the OS will split processes among the CPUs where it can. postgres plays quite nicely this way (each backend is a separate process); don't know for sure about nsd since postgres is typically 90% of my cpu and nsd only a couple %.

david, if postgres is his bottleneck, having two servers hitting the same db won't help things which is why I suggested smp. but you're probably right that it's the mailing slowing things down.