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Posted by Jim Lynch on
One thing that requires some care, is the performance associated with reading/writing from the database... look back in the history of arsdigita community system to see why they adopted their "halfway-oop" style.

I don't remember all the details, but what I do recall is that if an object does things like automatically write itself back to the database as a side effect of, say, doing a set_property on it, it's possible to end up with more actual database hits than you want, something that could seriously degrade performance.

Having said that, Welcome Gustaf :) I had asked at an OCT meeting some years back to deprecate versions of aolserver where "package require ..." did not work properly (would be versions before the first aolserver4), and begun work with you to clean up the build process on tcl (which Jeff Hobbs eventually streamlined and took over). I've been waiting for this collaboration of openacs and xotcl for quite awhile; glad to see it's starting!