Forum OpenACS Q&A: Wimpy Point Display Problem in Netscape and Apple IE

I am using ACS 3.x and am finding a problem with the Wimpy Point slide
index displaying in Netscape and Apple Internet Explorer browsers.
The problem does not occur when the slide index page is first
accessed.  After the user advances to a slide and then clicks on the
return to menu button, the slide index page does not display.  If the
user then goes back to the link that initially sends them to the Wimpy
Point slide index page and clicks it, the page still does not render.
If the browser is closed and opened again, the page can be accessed
the first time, but again has the same problem when the user returns
to the page from the slide page link.

The Wimpy Point slide index page is accesed initially using the
follwing link:

The Wimpy Point slide page is then accesed by the following link:

Then, the link back to the slide index is the following(same as above):

This time the slide index page only displays the slide footer.

Has anyone experienced this problem or have any idea why this may be

Thank you.

Hi Jack,

I followed your steps with the wimpypoints right here on  I just tested with Netscape 4.6
and IE5.5 both on Win98 and did not see the behavior you
described.  I believe that this site is a 3.x version.

It was this piece of code in /tcl/wp-defs.tcl where the presentation index is served:

      ns_write "HTTP/1.0 200 OK
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/html

Seems that if the lines below ns_write are tabbed over to keep them in line with other code the page does not work in Netscape 6.0 or Apple IE Browsers.  Weird, huh?

Thank you for the response.