Forum OpenACS Development: OAK 0.3 released

Posted by Rafael Calvo on
OAK 0.3 has been released!
You can now create OpenACS web applications in a matter of minutes. Check out the project page
The OAK CASE Tool is a Computer Assisted Software Engineering tool that can be used to model web applications in WebML and automatically generate source code for OpenACS applications. The 0.3 version released this week contains extensions implemented by Laetitia Duby.
OAK has been implemented as a module for ArgoUML that allows users to design an OpenACS package architecture, from the database objects to the navigation between pages of the user interface.
Check out the multimedia online demo and tutorial
2: Re: OAK 0.3 released (response to 1)
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
THis sounds really promising and I will definitely take a close look. Furthermore I would like to explore options to marry OAK to package builder.