Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Installing Evaluation Package

Posted by Andrew Grumet on
To check the evaluation-portlet code out via CVS, you'd do something like this:

cvs -d login
(hit enter when prompted for password)
cvs -d co openacs-4/packages/evaluation-portlet

The package files will land in the following subdirectory of your current directory: openacs-4/packages/evaluation-portlet.

Posted by Henry Ma on
Thanks, I'm now not seeing that error, however, when I try adding a new task, I'm getting this error:

Problem with your input
We had a problem with your input:

You specified a path to a file that is not allowed on the system.
Please back up using your browser, correct the above , and resubmit your entry.

Thank you.

I'm running Openacs on Windows platform using ProjectOpen.

Do you know how to fix this?

Posted by Henry Ma on
Also, with regards to add task error, when I checked the server log, I see this error:

[23/Aug/2005:15:45:26][752.6020][-conn:projop::0] Notice: ad_page_contract tmpfile filter on variable 'upload_file.tmpfile' at URL '/evaluation/admin/tasks/task-add-edit': The tmpfile given was 'C:/WINDOWS/TEMP/AOL7F.tmp', and the list of valid directories is '/tmp /var/tmp'.

Any ideas?