Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Status of e-Commerce now that OACS is in beta

The ecommerce package is currently being revised to replace the legacy CyberCash interface with a generic payment service contract. The first implementations of the payment sercice contract are a gateway to Verisign's PayflowPro by Janine Sisk and a gateway to that I'm developing.

I'm also the one working on the ecommerce package. The package is OACS 3.x based and will remain so for the near future. However, I am fixing bugs and cleaning up the code as I work on the new payment interface. I am also planning on migrating the ecommerce template system to the ACS templating system. (See Migrating ecommerce templates to ATS.)

Replacing the CyberCash interface is a large scale modification involving changes to many files. Because of this, I'm holding any commits to the OACS CVS tree till I have completed and tested the new payment interface. I expect to be ready to commit to the tree by first half of May.