Forum OpenACS Q&A: More issues with AolServer 2.3.3

Posted by Cynthia Kiser on
I have a site that is kind of in the same boat as Janine's - older site (ACS 2.1 based) running on AOLServer 2.3.3 with some dependencies on NS functionality. It is on a Solaris 5.7 machine and was running happily against Oracle 8.1.5. When the Oracle instance was upgraded to 8.1.7, we started having problems with connections accumulating - accumulating to the point that we run out of them and we needed to restart Oracle to clear them out. I was going to try just upgrading the Oracle driver - we are currently running 1.0.3 - but the 2.5 driver uses TclFree - a Tcl 8 function. Anyone have guesses as to what is going on?

Migrating to a newer AOLServer is possible but would mean giving up some edit pages that use the NS/Db functions of 2.3.3 - not to mention finding all of the regexps on the site. (Janine, any other things I should put on my migration fix list if it comes to that?)