Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Windows, AOLServer, and OACS

Posted by John Sequeira on
Hey - I've started the MSSQL port!

Just so everybody knows, I did start porting OpenACS to MSSQL Server last year. I took three weeks, and ported about 90% of the kernel using a translation program I wrote and some hand tweaking. The last 10% (triggers, non-standard cursor usage etc.) will probably take another 4 weeks or so, plus some weeks for regression testing.

If you want to check out the effort, including translated TSQL code, take a look here. Also, to see how I handled the different language issues, you can check out the side-by-side pg/tsql view

Todd, I am worried about the transaction handling and not supporting MVCC, but I think for a not-to-concurrent Intranet application you'd never really have to worry about it. For more serious initiatives, you might be looking at more serious investment in DBA time.

Don, to address the issue of keeping it up-to-date, I thought that using machine translation for ~ 85% of the work was vital. I wouldn't have bothered starting the port otherwise.

Also, while not the cleanest of code, this work will be reusable if someone wants DotLRN or whatever aD comes up with for Pg support to run on MSSQL Server.