Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Windows, AOLServer, and OACS

Posted by Michael Feldstein on

I feel pretty confident that if you went into a window's shop and said that they could use SQL Server they would be much more comfortable about considering running AOLserver in cygwin. In cygwin, AFAIK, the sysadmin still needs to have some Unix experience. I don't see much gain if the admins are using Windows but still have to use Unix emulations to run the apps.

Talli, I'm not quite following you here. In your first sentence, you seem to be saying that SQL Server + AOLServer/cygwin would sell in the Windows world. But in your second and third sentences, you seem to say that AOLServer/cygwin would not sell well in the Windows world because it would still require Unix sysadmin skills.

Leaving aside the question of SQL Server for the moment, which web server solution are you advocating as the best approach to having a viable (and marketable) Windows-based solution?