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Posted by C. R. Oldham on


I checked the SDM for bug reports and found none, so I'm worried that this is a local problem. Hopefully someone else has a fix for it.

We're seeing an intermittent but persistent problem with logging in. We want to enable SSL for logins and other places on the site, so I installed nsopenssl and created a self-signed certificate. SSL seems to work OK. However, we're having problems getting logged in consistently. I've tried this with Mozilla 1.0 RC1 and IE 6.0 on WinXP and I see different results for both.

Basically, I'll fill out the login form at /register and hit Submit, and sometimes I'll be logged in, and sometimes not. If I do this under SSL and I get logged in, on Mozilla I won't be logged in on the non-SSL side. On IE I seem to be logged in.

Has anyone seen this? Any ideas where to look? This is a real showstopper for us

I forgot to mention that even before I restricted the login pages to SSL we were having trouble getting logged in consistently...

2: Response to Login problems (response to 1)
Posted by Jonathan Ellis on
I posted a fix to a bug in 3.2's non-secure login code that can result in users having to re-login even with "remember me" on here. I have done zero looking at the "secure" code, sorry.
3: Response to Login problems (response to 1)
Posted by C. R. Oldham on
Thanks Jonathan.  I neglected to mention that this was with a recent checkout of OpenACS 4 from CVS.