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Posted by Stan Kaufman on
Do symlinks actually work now with file-storage? I'm trying to work out how to "share" a file between two folders (in different file-storage instances in different subsites, actually) but I'm thinking that this isn't really implemented.

Say you have a file (id=$my_file_id) in a folder (id=$first_folder_id) and you want it to show up in a second folder (id=$second_folder_id):

content::symlink::new -target_id $my_file_id -parent_id $second_folder_id

will put something called a "symlink to $my_file" in that $second_folder , but the links for that "symlink" are all broken. It's impossible to download, set the "properties" etc of that "symlinked" file.

So what else does it take to make in a second folder a functional symlink to a file in an original folder?

And what about making symlinks to folders and not just items in folders? This appears to be completely unsupported at this point, eh?