Forum OpenACS Development: Response to aolserver-errors

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Ah, one more snafu: The wd_aolserver_errors proc in my patch above works fine for all email spamming purposes, but it does not work correctly for use on the packages/monitoring/www/watchdog/index.tcl page. That page wants to look an aribtrary numger of kb or minutes back into the error logs history, and the old script has that ability, but the wd_aolserver_errors proc does not. So that's another little TODO item with this.

I personally never really use the packages/monitoring/www/watchdog/index.tcl page at all, so fixing this isn't a priority for me, but as a stopgap you can get the correct functionality by, on that page, changing the call to wd_errors to use the old script instead, like so:

wd_errors -external_parser_p 1 -num_minutes $num_minutes -num_bytes $bytes