Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to dbExperts Postgres for W32?

Posted by Kenny Chan on
Hi John,

I haven't tried OpenACS / Aolserver for Win32 yet but I am playing with Cygwin / PostgreSQL these few days and having no problem with getting it run properly. I am using Cygwin v1.3.10-1 and PostgreSQL v7.2.1-1 that comes with it, the platform is Winblows 98se.

I had some problem at the beginning though, which was to get initdb going. The fix was to install cygipc to Cygwin and run it as suggested in the OpenACS on Windows document. After installing the ipc-daemon, both initdb and postmaster loading succeeded.

Btw, aren't dbExperts supposed to give people free download (or at least the source) for their PostgreSQL (according to the GPL)?