Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to dbExperts Postgres for W32?

Posted by Roberto Mello on
Several times I've started to write a document describing installation of PG in Windows, but I'm surrounded by Unix boxes that have uptimes measured in years, so I never quite find time to mess with windows.

One guy in Brazil wrote a good guide for PG on Windows. I'll translate it to English. The same guy also wrote a little program that lets you start/stop PostgreSQL from the windows taskbar.

Regarding the dbExperts PostgreSQL distribution, it might be worth it just for the installer (if you don't want to wait for my translation).

I have to warn folks that they are using false advertising though, in that they say that their product is "natively compiled for windows" which is not true. Their product is PostgreSQL with cgywin, the only additions being the installer and a program to start/stop it from the taskbar.

I've gotten PG to work on Windows before, and it wasn't hard. What sort of problems were you having John? What version of Windows are you running? PG will always be flakey in Win98 (and 95, ME) because of inherent problems and deficiencies in the underlying operating system.