Forum OpenACS Q&A: Thank you for improved OpenACS 4.5 install

I finally got around to installing the OpenACS 4.5b1 (on Red Hat
Linux 7.2), and I just wanted to heartily thank everyone involved in
improving the documentation and installation process. I had a
MUCH easier time than when I installed OpenACS 3.2.5 last
year. I was also able to painlessly install Postgres 7.1 alongside
7.0 with the help of Pascal Scheffers' docs. Never doubt the
value of clear documentation to us less experienced sysadmins!

I haven't actually customized anything yet; since I see the final
release may be coming up shortly perhaps I should wait as I will
need to apply patches etc. anyway. (I'm starting over rather than
importing 3.2.5 data, as we used the previous installation very
little as it turned out.)

Thanks again,

- Julie