Forum OpenACS Q&A: Revisions to post by admin cause loss of originating author.

A user posted an article and had it approved. She noticed a mistake and asked us to make a correction for her as she was not sure how to do it. After the revision, article appears with Administrator as authout. This is not acceptable to the user. We have a policy against "becoming" the user at any time for posting.

System:ACS 4.2

Has anyone seen a solution to keeping the original author if admin performs the revision for a user?

It would be nice to see revised articles display both the originating author and an edited by credit. Any ideas if this is out there someplace?

This functionality isn't there, and AFAIK you're the first person to ask for it.  So it's not surprising it's not there :)

It would be an interesting enhancement to the content repository (not just the bboard, I could see people asking for this for other content, too).  But given that you're the first person to ask for that in our community, at least, well ... you know how it goes.  Open Source, you may have to offer to look into what it would take to make such an enhancement yourself :)

Thanks for the answer.  I agree that there are additional uses for this functionality.  I'd imagine that as people work with users posting collaborative content, this feature would come in handy.  In this way, the originating authors do not have their name attached to an end product they cannot fully take credit for.  This is especially true in an editor and author framework where the editor makes changes the author does not like.  In this way the author is not held solely responsible for what the editor says.
When you first store something in content repository, CR will create an "item" (identified by the item_id) and a first "revision" (identified by revision_id) of that item. Successive versions/revisions of the same item will have the same item_id, but different revision_id's. Now items and revisions are all objects, and thus have their own creation_user entry in acs_objects. Each revision need not have the same creation_user, or have the creation_user of the item it belongs to (e.g. in you case Randy, where the site admin is the creation_user of the edited article because (s)he was the one who uploaded the edited article).

Now if I understand correctly the feature that you want, the CR datamodel should already accomodate this. The creation_user of the item (and the first version, naturally) is the "originating author", but each successive edit (i.e., a new revision uploaded) will be owned by the person who edited and uploaded the new version. So to implement the feature, it is a matter of getting from the database the creation_user of the item whenever you get the the creation_user of the revision to be displayed, and instead of having just an "author", you report the former (creation_user of object with item_id) as the "originating user" and give the latter (creation_user of object with revision_id) the "edited by" credit. Change a few queries, and a few templates, and you're set. 😉

This kludges around the simple case mentioned above, but it would still be nice to have a more general way to deal with things like author/editor relationships ...
I think I agree with Jowell's comment that the fix for this is as simple as a listing of the revisions by author similar to that displayed in file-storage (menu=Show All Versions). I am not sure how/what is the kludge of this.