Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Summary of the Sloan - Berklee dotLRN meeting

One really import point for us in Europe is the support for multiple languages. Please note that most (if not all) major commercial learn platforms made the mistake of not being localizable from the start, and are paying for this now (figuratively and literally). I just wanted to mention this, because I doubt there are many foreign language courses at Sloan or Berklee, internationalization is easy to forget about when on a tight schedule, and working on it after the fact is a lot harder than when it is considered from the start (not to mention that making something support multiple languages at a later stage requires more coordination and communication than if it is done from the start).

This is important.

Finding out that OpenACS is the platform Greenpeace has chosen, eases my multilingual concerns on the OpenACS side (although it does not eliminate them). I just hope that the multilingual features of OpenACS and dotLRN will "dovetail" as so elegantly stated by Don. Obviously, the best solution would be one that is independent of dotLRN and built into OpenACS, making multilingual support a snap.

Can somebody that knows both systems and has experience in internationalization please comment on this? Who is working on this?