Forum OpenACS Development: Response to new bboard package

Posted by Michael Feldstein on
Will the categorization feature be bboard-specific, or will it make
use of some sort of general-categories architecture? It can be
enormously useful in both eLearning and KM contexts to be able
to aggregate *all* content objects of a certain category (bboard
posts, FAQs, docs, etc.). If it's not outside of your scope, creating
some kind of a general mechanism for this piece would be the
right way to do it.

Also, somebody once told me that each post is assigned an
anchor tag in the 4.x bboard. It would be useful to have this
feature and to have it *accessible to the users.* Sometimes
(particularly in a long thread) you want to send somebody directly
to a specific post on the thread. The UI might be tricky on this, so
you may want to start by just including the anchor tags and then
thinking through how to make them acessible later.