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Posted by Patrick Giagnocavo on
Having set up and used both Linux Vserver and Solaris Zones (a new feature in Solaris 10), I can very strongly recommend zones as being far superior.

The one thing that a zone cannot do is run a different version of the OS - that is, each zone can only be a Solaris 10 instance.

However, OS patches, new packages, etc. can be installed once and made available to all instances immediately; and the disk space used is the space taken by the package, plus a few KBytes for each zones package database.

And yes, inittab works properly inside a Solaris zone, unlike the possibly strange behavior you will run into under a vserver.

5: Re: Re: OpenVZ (response to 3)
Posted by Gory Details on
OpenVZ in fact superior in capabilities to both Zones and Vserver, especially from manageability point of view. OpenVZ is derived from Virtuozzo, which is being used in commecial production since 2001 - and a lot of user-suggested improvements went into it ever since.