Forum OpenACS Forum Summaries: OpenACS Core Team summary for September 20, 2005

A quick summary of today's meeting:

Attending: Andrew, Caroline, Joel, Rocael

1. 5.2rc

One priority 2 bug, lots of priority 3.

Caroline may have fixed the priority 2 bug on a client site, will follow up.

Work on priority 3 bugs should be ordered by by severity as in the URL above.

2. There's at least one outstanding request to the OCT mail list for CVS access. To grant CVS access, one must have appropritate privileges on the machine, and then proceed according to the instructions in the "Administrator's note" on this page:

Andrew to follow up.

3. Rocael and Andrew authored a paper for the Tcl2005 conference ( Roc will post it on next week.

4. There's an open issue with user accounts not being closeable on Dave B. and Andrew looked at it this week. We tried rolling bugfix #1468 on production, which eliminated the error message but didn't fix the original issue raised in #1468. Having closed his account, Dave no longer had permission to read parts of the site. The issue is still open.