Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Webmin-like control package?

Posted by John Mileham on
You could webmin-ize anything that you want, but the more powerful the system gets, the more finicky the configuration will become... to the point that you will either need a highly in-the-know person to set up the server/cluster appropriately, or you'll have to start offering RPMs that take care of the details for you.  The issue here, to me, seems that everybody has their own take on running aolserver (inittab v. daemontools, /home/aolserver v. /etc/aolserver, all the possible usernames for the nsd process).  More advanced administration of aolserver, PG, etc would likely involve quite a few setuid scripts as well.  Things get even more complicated when you get into issues like setting up accounts and authorized keys for SSH.  As a service to allow people to become more independent in terms of hosting, I think this would be a great idea.  I guess I'm just worried that it'll be really difficult to streamline installation of such a system enough that it would be widely adopted.