Forum OpenACS Development: Response to new bboard package

Posted by Michael Feldstein on

categorization: I see, in theory, the use of a central categorization scheme. Often, however, the categories only make sense inside a particular forum. For example, inside the OpenACS 4.x forum, we might have the categories "design", "backwards compatibility", "sample code", "documentation". These categories are pretty specific to OpenACS 4.x and wouldn't apply to say, photography if we also had a discussion forum about that. Michael - and others - maybe you've already thought about / solved this problem?

It's absolutely true that categories can need to be local rather than global sometimes. So you'd need some sort of scoping mechanism in your categories system and really, you'd need to be able to scope not only specific categories but entire taxonomies to do it right. It seems to me that this conversation has come up before under the guise of keywords, but I couldn't fully follow the technical ins and outs so I may be mistaken.

FWIW, though, even the examples you gave above may be better scoped globally--not across bboard instances, but across packages. It would be nice, for example, to have a portlet that shows all bboard posts, file-storage docs, and wimpypoint presentations relevant to "backwards compatibility" (particularly if those items in the portlet could be filtered or ranked by their aggregate user rating).

CR and versioning: there's one good point here - if we allow editing of posts, we *must* allow versioning, and actually, we should technically allow users to view old versions of posts (otherwise the stream of discussion might make no sense and make someone look like a fool for responding to an issue that is no longer there). How do people feel about this editing issue? It seems to bring up far more problems than it solves....

I'd want editing. Despite the post confirmation screen after clicking the "submit" button, people still pull the trigger to soon sometimes. You can say "too bad, you had your chance" but I would hesitate to take that position unless the performance penalty you'd pay for it is pretty significant.