Forum OpenACS Development: Response to logical site hierarchy

Posted by Peter Marklund on

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I haven't thought too much about the user interface aspect of things... 😊 However, off of the top of my head the following are two GUI applications that would be feasible with a consistent context hierarchy:

  • Category browsing widget. As part of the categorization service we developed a widget that could be dropped into for example a Bboard forum. The categorization service would fetch all categories that were mapped to objects underneath the forum object in the context hierarchy. Thus Bboard posts could be nicely navigated in a tree of categories. Note that such a generic widget requires that the name and url of the objects can be fetched efficiently.
  • Browsing all objects on your site. This is maybe only useful as part of site-wide administration (if at all, I'm not sure). Starting at the main site (package) object you could drill down and find every single user-submitted piece of content on the site.

Lars, after your post I feel more confident that we can reach consesus on this issue this time which would be great!